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Having a new look for your home can be one of the best investments you will make. It can increase your quality of life and increase the value of your home. Even though you might be able to do it yourself, your best bet would be to hire contractors who will take you through this process so that the project flows seamlessly and the output will be excellent. We can carve dream spaces out of your existing home.

Plan Accordingly For Your Home Addition

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Plan for the Financial Cost

According to home advisor the average home addition will cost around $40,000. However, depending on the market in your area this can pay for itself and then some.  Many people choose to refinance their existing home and use their equity to cover the cost.  With rates so low this might be a great time to take advantage of this.

Plan for Functionality

Brainstorm ideas for the functionality of your new space to try and maximize the value. Certain types of spaces will add more value to your existing home.  Extra bedrooms, bathrooms, or an extra kitchen will typically add the most value. Depending on your needs, you might want to renovate a single section of your home like your kitchen, play area or bathroom.

Hybrid Remodeling

Alternatively, you may want to remodel part of your existing home at the same time you make an addition. This might make a lot of sense to help the addition flow with your existing home design, circulation, or flow of the space.

Small Scale Home Additions

An addition to you home does not always have to be a huge project.  A couple smaller scale projects or ideas include:

  • extending a bathroom to include a bathtub or shower
  • adding a covered porch to your front door entrance
  • extending a room for more floor space or closet space
  • expand the size of the kitchen

Larger Scale Home Additions

Larger scale home additions can get costly and in some cases might require you to live somewhere else until the project is complete. Some of these projects might include:

  • new bedrooms
  • a pitched roof so the living space has vaulted ceilings
  • indoor pool
  • game room or sun room
  • new kitchens
  • indoor screened porches
  • a new level

Remodeling vs. Home Additions

What if you want to just simply update a single part of your house without having to knock down your entire walls? Or maybe, you want to upgrade your home bathroom or kitchen to introduce that majestic touch that exudes ambience and grace without having to disrupt the classic feel of your dining room? We will come and do just that when you invite us to remodel individual rooms in your home.

If you have a vision of completely overhauling your existing home then you might consider making an addition to the home as well.  Even if you decide not to go this route is worth considering while you remodel your home.  If your home value is a big consideration then take the following steps:

  • consult with a local Real Estate professional and find our the potential values
  • compare the projected value of a remodel to a simple home addition.
  • compare a remodel and home addition to just a simple remodel
  • get estimates from at least two contractors on these options
  • find out if these options fit within your budget
  • if needed then look into refinancing your existing home to get cash and locked into a lower rate

Have you been considering changing the look and feel of your home for a long time?  Get in touch with us to make it happen.