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Bathroom remodeling can be a fun project! If you are planning to have a new look for your bathroom, you might be interested in a repaint job, upgrading the flooring, refurbishing, new plumbing fixtures or a thorough overhaul. Hiring professional contractors for this job is an excellent idea, because a professional approach incorporates specialized input of trained individuals and in most cases the outcome is certainly better than what you can do on your own.

What Steps are Involved?

Even when you hire a contractor to remodel your bathroom it means you also have a few things to do. You should be prepared to do the following:

  1. decide on a budget
  2. create a wish list of the design and materials
  3. get estimates from qualified contractors
  4. create an itemized price list of the wish list
  5. match the expenses from your wish list to your budget
  6. if you are over budget then start trimming items from your wish list
  7. work with your contractor to get the project to within your budget

How Much Does It Cost and How Long Will It Take?

The average cost to remodel a bathroom is between $8,000 – $10,000 and will typically take 3 – 4 weeks to complete (depending on the scale of the project).

Explore Design Styles

View the video below to get some bathroom remodeling ideas and designs

Types Of Bathroom Remodeling Projects

Luxury Bathroom Remodels

Ultimate bathing luxury in a lavatory that lives up to your expectations and exemplifies the veracity of the bathroom of your dreams is not a distant idea anymore. If you are not happy with the existing shower or the bathtub and want advanced replacements that exude style and grace, or you want to add a bit of luxury by getting modern alterations to the overall décor, our luxury bathroom remodeling services can help. Bathroom remodeling is often considered one of the best ways to increase the value of your home. We can help you transform the visualization of your specific luxury bathroom into a reality.

luxury bathroom remodeling with glass shower

Modern Bathroom Design

Geometric patterns, clean lines, and natural materials are often design elements associated with modern bathrooms.  If you are looking to have a contemporary ambience for your bathroom and scheduling to revive it in a way that it emanates modernity and sophistication in all respects, and at the same time you want it to excel in its functionality as a top rated bathroom, we can help you achieve all the specifications you are aiming to attain in your bathroom.

Tip: Fixtures for a modern style bathroom can be more expensive so consider this in the planning phase.

bathroom remodeling sketch

Kids Friendly Bathroom Design

Stapleton is a hotbed for people who have children.  Remodeling a bathroom to make it more kid friendly can be a great idea.  A bathroom for children has a light hearted approach with respect to the décor and ambience; however, it is not entirely whimsical and fun. A number of activities happen in a family bathroom such as brushing teeth, bathing, washing and playing in the tub. Thus, it is a multipurpose room that should include durable fixtures, ample storage facilities and easy to reach surfaces.

Tip: A double sink bathroom is great for kids!